Felt Care

One day, your cat cave or dog bed will inevitably endure mud or dirt, so here are a few tips on keeping it looking and smelling fresh.

Wool naturally repels dirt and odours, so your cat cave shouldn’t need an effective cleaning often. 

Accidents happen; occasionally, your cat cave may need more than vacuuming. So for a highly soiled or smelly cat cave, please avoid the urge to toss it in the washing machine on the regular cycle because the wool won’t like that. 

Instead, here’s how to get it fresh and clean once more.

  •  Using COLD water (No soap), place in sink and spray/soak with cold water; squeeze the water out of the product, do not rub.
  •  If liquid has stained the felt, you may soak it for an hour or overnight in cold water.
  •  Remove from water and squeeze as much of the water out by hand.
  •  Allow to dry outside in the sun, then fill the inside with plastic bags or newspaper to give it back its shape.

Air drying may feel stiff at first, but this will soften over time.

​Avoid dry cleaning