Growing up with a love for animals, and creative background in textiles, it was always my desire to create and bring vibrant colours into the home.

In 2018 inspired by my four-legged friend 'Mimi' and an uplifting visit to Nepal, I decided to launch Mimi's Daughters where we specialise in luxury, eco-friendly products hand-made from organic materials.

Our products are designed in-house and consist of fun, exciting toys, cats love to play with, and comfy modern beds that fit into the every day home.

We really pride ourselves in providing top tier design.

Tiffany Lowes - Founder

Nepal is a hub of history, art and culture. Dating back to the 5th Century.


The Artisans

A stone's throw away from Mount Everest, Mimi's products are masterfully handcrafted in Kathmandu by a community of artisan women who live for art and craft, empowered by the freedom to create.

Layer upon layer, these passionate artisans craft and felt beautiful, long-lasting pieces, using traditional felting methods passed on through generations.

An incredible amount of time and patience goes into these designs. You won't be able to find this level of craftsmanship and attention to detail anywhere else.

By collaborating with the talented woman of Nepal to create gorgeous products, we hope to help them preserve their craft, community and culture.