What is inside the Box?


  • Penny the Penguin
  • Spinny Spiral
  • x2 Straw jingle Balls
  • 6cm Noisey Felt Ball


FUN AND INTERACTIVE! - Enjoy fun moments with your cat by flicking and teasing your cat with a variety of toys from the Noisy cat box. Watch them hunt, leap, swipe, and claw these toys for hours. Not only enjoyment for your cat but for you also.

ENGAGING CATS! - This is a great interactive box full of different textures and noises. Mimis Daughters Noisy cat box is guaranteed to have something inside your cat will enjoy playing with. Your cat's natural hunting instincts will definitely show once you throw Monte mouse out of the box.

UNIQUE TOYS - Most of the felted toys are designed by Mimis Daughters and are unique to us.


Only Shipped from the UK


The Noisy Box