Personalised Christmas Stocking filled with handmade Cat Toys.


This stocking is for 1 name only in Green Glitter. 


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CAT GIFT STOCKING! - Inside the box: 1 Long Tailed (2 metre ) Monte Mouse x 1 Straw Catnip Ball


FUN AND INTERACTIVE! - Enjoy fun moments with your cat by flicking and teasing your cat with a variety of toys from the ultimate cat box. Watch them hunt, leap, swipe and claw these toys for hours. Not only enjoyment for your cat but for you also.

PUUURFECT VALUE! - All of Mimis Daughters products are handmade and we pride ourselves on being good quality and value for money. We want all your pets to make the best use of all our toys safely and enjoy this experience with owners.

UNIQUE TOYS -  Monte mouse is our best seller and is most popular with all cats with his 2-meter long tail


Personalised Christmas Stocking with 2 CatToys




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