Monte The Mouse - 2 Metre Long Tailed Cat Play Toy


Available in 5 different colours - the body is about 10cm and the tail 200cm long.


  • Eco Friendly Material - Monte the mouse is 100% made from natural sustainable sheeps wool.


  •  Unique design - Each mouse is masterfully hand-crafted individually using a unique needle felting technique, so no two are the same! Each as unique as your pet


  • Super Fun! Enjoy fun moments with your cat by flicking and teasing your cat with Montes 2 metre felted tail. Watch them hunt, leap, swipe and claw these toys for hours. Not only enjoyment for your cat but for you also


  • PUUURFECT VALUE! - At Mimis Daughters we pride ourselves on providing the best quality, best value products, that will last and create a cozy environment for you and your furry friend.


Not ideal for children or dogs and if damaged please remove from your cats play.





USA Monte the Mouse - 2M Long Tailed Felt Cat Toy GREY

Colour: grey