To make our beautiful cat caves the wool is rubbed and pressed into the fabric, again using soap and water.



This process is 100% per cent Eco-friendly as no chemicals are used.

When felt is dry it is quite hard wearing however it cannot cope with being wet, it must be treated with care and cleaned with careful instructions. The wool contains antibacterial properties which means it can provide numerous advantages such as a reduction in the release of odours


Tips to keep your felt product clean:


It is inevitable that one day your cat cave or dog bed will endure mud, or some sort of dirt, so here are a few tips on keeping it looking and smelling fresh.


If your felt product has mud on the surface it is recommended that you let this dry, brush off the mud or whatever is stuck on there with a brush and gently hand wash with a cloth.


However….. if this does not remove the stain totally the steps below may be more useful


  •  Remove as much of the dried mud off the felt surface, if it is liquid split just avoid rubbing the surface.

  •  Using COLD water (No soap) place in sink and spray/soak with cold water, squeeze the water out of the product, do not rub.

  •  If liquid has stained the felt you may wish to soak for an hour or overnight in cold water.

  •  Remove from water and squeeze as much of the water out by hand.

  •  Place in washing machine to spin if still too wet.

  •  If this is a cat cave leave to dry totally by filling the inside with plastic bags to give it back it's shape.


Air drying may feel stiff at first but this will soften over time.


Avoid dry cleaning

Avoid products like dryel on felt the heat and moisture will continue to felt your cat cave

Avoid drastic temperature fluctuations on the felt.


Good Luck