The Story

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As a passionate pet owner, you want to give your furry friend the best life possible. Let your pets live in luxury with Mimis Daughters luscious line of exquisite pet products.  We ensure your cat’s home life is as brilliant as it can be with a reliable range of elegant toys and beds. We really pride ourselves in providing top-tier design and aim to create products that fit nicely in the home whilst bringing joy to your pet.

Mimi’s Daughter’s was formed in 2018 by Tiffany Lowes. She was inspired by her cat Mimi and wanted to bring quality pet products to homes worldwide. Having always had a deep love for animals, her aim was to improve the lives of peoples pets somehow.

What she came up with was a gorgeous line of toys and beds crafted with the pet and the home in mind.

Her pieces are incredibly vibrant and made to fit into your home amongst all the other decor. 

An incredible amount of patience goes into our designs. You can rest easy knowing you're only getting the finest quality of goods possible. Passion, quality and expertise are poured into everything we do, as we work tirelessly to bring the best pet products money can buy. 

Each of our elegant pieces are meticulously handcrafted with love and care by expert artisans in Nepal. You won't be able to find this level of craftsmanship and attention to detail anywhere else. Our products are entirely eco-friendly and made from totally organic materials.


By giving the talented woman of Nepal a way to use their skills to create gorgeous products, we hope to help them preserve their craft and culture. Using traditional crafting methods, our extraordinary artisans create perfect, long-lasting pieces every time.


There are many cat brands out there, though we wanted to separate ourselves from the pack. Through innovative, independent design, we like to think we're pushing the limits of what’s possible with pet products and bringing something fresh to the market that’s unheard of.









Needle felting

Avoiding all harsh chemicals,  our felt products are made from 100%  bio-degradable sheep's wool.


Our felt toys are made with just wool and a needle this process is called needle felting.

Needle felting is begun by rolling up a small amount of wool and stabbing it with the needle.  When the wool is stabbed with the felting needle it pulls the wool into itself.  By stabbing the wool with the needle over and over while turning the wool it continues to pull the wool with its tiny scales and locks together. 


Wet Felting

Our cat caves are made slightly different using a wet felting technique.


The process begins with using water, soap and some form of agitation to cause the fibers to open up and then bind together. Rubbing and rolling the wool binds the fibres together to make our special caves.