Luminous Face Kitten Starter Pack

Luminous Face Kitten Starter Pack


It's an exciting time getting a kitten and there are definitely a few essentials you will need. This started pack will include a luxurious hand-felted kitten cave and a set of unique kitten toys, just what you need for your first fur baby. 

  • Handcrafted with high-quality, ecological New-Zealand sheep wool.
  • Perfect for kittens to play, sleep and live inside.
  • Provides maximum warmth and comfort.
  • Super Cosy and a great hide away
  • Toys include: 1 Monte Mouse, 2 Felt Toy Balls, 2 Mini Spirals, 3 Straw Jingle Balls. 

Please note: Each felt cave is carefully hand made individually, therefore no two are identical.



W 43 H 30

This cave is the ideal size for your new fur baby!

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