What is Upcycling? Why do it

Up-Cycling: This is the process of re-inventing old or unused furniture and transforming them from useless items into renewed products of better quality and environmentally friendly

Got an old desk, chair, armoire, bed, table, shelve, wardrobe, stool and any wooden made furniture which looks old in your sight and you don’t want to dispose it due to the durability, We are available to turn your old furniture into new one, look and style with affordable prices. Putting your idea together, when it comes to up-cycling furniture, you will become so hooked that you will want to update your entire place all over again...it is just like falling in love all over again, and how wonderful is this feeling.

Enjoy up-cycling and if you need help and ideas please contact Mimisdaughters.com I will be more than happy to help you innovate and see the new potential in your old space and furnishings. It is possible to turn trash into treasure that really looks like treasure. This takes attention to detail and a careful eye for professional finishing of your project. These tips will help you create beautiful furniture and design accents for your home or office from throwaways that you find in your own garage or at a local yard sale.

When getting into the upcycling industry, you will quickly learn how few people actually knew what upcycling was. While recycling is a term now familiar to everyone, mentioning "upcycling" to the average person will often be met with a blank stare. Generally speaking, upcycling is taking things that would otherwise be thrown away and making them into something useful or attractive.

Though the word may be new, thrift is not a new concept. In fact, up until the 1950s or so, upcycling was actually commonplace. Everything was used over and over again until it was in no way beneficial. Today, this concept is coming back, as modern-day upcyclers put just about anything they can find back to good use. Broken pieces of jewellery are combined to make a new, beautiful necklace, old t-shirts are made into balls of yarn, and juice packs are made into handbags. Anyone can get in on the movement by examining their consumer habits and finding new uses for items they already have.

Upcycling not only protects the environment from unnecessary waste, but also allows us to add to the beauty of our immediate home environment with attractive, affordable alternatives. Perhaps one of the most impressive benefits of upcycling is that it can fit in everywhere: the home, office, and everywhere in between.

Here are things we can fixed up and recreate at Mimisdaughters.com, antique furniture, upholstering, screen print, and many more. When you give us the opportunity to work for you, you will now see that nothings is wasted with our unique techniques we use in working and making life better for our customers. We will make sure you have the perfect structure or design you want us to work on for you. For more details, kindly visit our shop now .