How a Modern Cat Cave Improves Your Pets Quality of Life and Style

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Cats naturally tend to be lazy animals. They will doze off for hours on end usually anywhere they find to be comfortable and secluded. Cats also tend to be very cautious about their surroundings, so when a cat goes to sleep, they always want to keep an eye on their surroundings so that they can run away if there is any danger. Many small pet owners who keep their pets indoors at all times find that their animals, especially cats will sleep in small confined spaces and will leave a lot of their hair in that place, which is a tough job to clean.

The Cat Cave

The perfect sleeping solution for your small animals is the modern cat cave. A cat cave is an enclosed bed made of very thick wool that has a small opening for the pet to get in and out of. The great thing about cat caves is that it is the perfect place for any small animal to lay down and relax when they choose to. If your cat is unconfident and skittish and usually finds places such as under the bed or in the closet to hide in, this might just be the perfect solution to get your cat’s confidence back. You can block off entrance to their usual hiding spots, say, in the closet, and place the cat cave nearby. Because a cat cave is surrounded from all sides with one opening, your small pet will have a comfortable and un-stressful sleep. You can then slowly move the cat cave to a more sociable area once you see that you pet has made its new home in the cave.

The other great thing about cat caves is that because of the very thick wool they are made out of, any small animals with claws can exercise their claws and legs easily. Other things don’t offer much resistance and will quickly tear, such as sofas. This way it will save you a lot of money if your cat loves clawing its cat cave.

Clean and Tidy

Cat caves can also be very easily cleaned so that your pet always has a clean place to go back to.  Just give a hoover or soak in cold water but generally because of the fabric it does not retains odours. Usually cats do not urinate or defecate where they sleep. So the easy accessibility of the cat cave will make it a clean place for cats to live.

Your cat will most likely show it’s normal behaviour around the cat cave, which is a great sign because it shows that it is comfortable with it. The only change in behaviour you will find is a more confident and relaxed cat.  


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